Reward Points

Anahola Granola Flavors

Earn Reward Points for buying Anahola Granola Products*

Build up your reward points and use them to purchase any of our products.  You can even make a partial payment using points.  For example, if you use 50 reward points to purchase one Macamania bar (which costs 100 reward points), you’ll cut your purchase price in half!

Earn extra points for referring a friend. We will give you 100 reward points when they place their first order. Just have them put your name in the “If you have any notes regarding the order, please type them here” box on the checkout page when they place their order.

Here’s how to use your Reward Points

  1. You must be signed into the Anahola Granola website to accumulate and use Reward Points.
  2. You can see your points under the “My Account” heading.
  3. Each of our products has a “price in points” Reward Points



When you go to the Checkout Screen, enter the number of points you want to apply to the order.  You can make partial payment using points to reduce the price.    

 Reward Points Redemption

* You must sign into the Anahola Granola website and place your order online.  Reward points are not awarded for phone orders.