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Mango Ginger Bar

Mango Ginger Bar

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Is there a greater, more unexpected tropical combination than mango and ginger? We think not. That’s why we crafted a wholesome granola recipe around the perfect off-the-beaten-path pairing. The ginger zing and bright mango is sweetly balanced by honey-touched oats and a sprinkle of natural coconut. Crunchy sunflower and sesame seeds add an earthy finish. 

Our honey sweetened oats are brought to life with an explosion of flavor. The enticing sweetness of mango fuses with the unique spiciness and heat of ginger, creating a taste unlike any other.

For those who enjoy something a little different, this luscious granola brings tangy, tantalizing flavors to your taste buds.

Ingredients: Anahola Granola (Whole Grain Rolled Oats, Honey, Unsweetened Coconut, Sunflower Seeds, Expeller Pressed Non-GM Canola Oil, Sesame Seeds, Non-Fat Dry Milk Powder (Fortified with Vitamins A & D), Pure Vanilla), Honey, Butter, Brown Sugar, Brown Rice Crisps (Brown Rice Flour, Cane Sugar, Sea Salt, Molasses), Crystallized Ginger (Ginger, Cane Sugar), Dried Mango (Unsulphured), Macadamia Nuts, Pure Vanilla.

Contains: Milk, Tree Nuts, Sesame

Nutrition Facts Servings: 1, Serv. Size: 1 Bar (40g), Amount Per Serving: Calories 180, Total Fat 9g (12% DV), Saturated Fat 3.5g (18 DV%), Trans Fat 0g, Cholest. 10mg (3% DV), Sodium 10mg (1% DV), Total Carb. 23g (8% DV), Fiber 2g (7% DV), Total Sugars 13g (Incl. 11g Added Sugars. 11% DV), Protein 3g, Vit. D (0% DV), Calcium (2% DV), Iron (6% DV), Potas. (2% DV). Percent Daily Values (DV) are based on a 2,000 calorie diet.